This past week, Maggie needed to dress up for school as her hero or a hero. When I found out, I asked her, do you want to dress up as Elsa or Merida, we have both costumes and they are both strong female characters. Her answer was a quick “No”. Do you want to be a superhero, again “No”. Do you want to dress up as a hero in History? “Yes”. Clearly, I hadn’t understood the assignment, but she set me straight. I’ve done History assignments with her and there wasn’t anyone she was really excited about, yet. I pulled out another book. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Both AJ and I have read these stories with her. Maggie loves reading stories with brave women and girls who overcome large obstacles or have to fight for what they want. Hmm. I wonder why.

We read through the Rebel Girls book and it was a tough choice, between a female dirt bike champion and a brave female pilot but in the end Maggie chose Amelia Earhart. She loved that she flew a yellow plane called “The Canary”. When she went to school dressed as her hero, everyone knew who she was, right away. The hat kinda makes the outfit. She loved it, she had to do a presentation with Shelly. Shelly said Maggie loved the spotlight. Of course she did. A star is born!

If you haven’t heard of them, I think the Rebel Girls books are pretty cool. You can check them out here.

2 thoughts on “Maggie’s hero”

  1. I love it! MAGGIE, the female pilot. Her smile says it all. She looks so happy and proud of her accomplishment!
    Way to go, MAGGIE!

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