We are committed to giving Maggie typical experiences and a life full of incredible memories.  She deserves it and it’s one thing that keeps our life feeling typical as well.

We have been planning to go on a ski trip for awhile.  We are skiers, or at least, we were in our former lives.  Now, we are people who like to ski once every year or two.  With kids it’s even harder.  With Rett Syndrome we thought it’d be even more impossible.  But, about a year ago, the Ramirez family, Mike and Shoshanna, reached out to us. Their daughter, Marlowe, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome and they came across Maggie’s videos. Mike happens to be a coach on the US Snowboarding team so when his schedule opened up and we found out his family would be in Mammoth, we all decided we would meet up there.

Mike texted AJ while we were on our way to Mammoth. Marlowe was in the hospital with pneumonia. She had been there all week. They were supposed to drive on Friday as well, but life with Rett can change your plans in an instant.  As it turns out, she was feeling better and was able to make the trip the next day.

On our way to meet them, I tried to record a video, but I kept crying. So AJ and Steph made fun of me. I couldn’t help it, I was so excited to meet the Ramirez family, and to see Maggie ski. I love skiing and to be able to see Maggie do it, was just really special.

The best part. Maggie loved skiing! She was screaming with joy while going down the mountain. Her smile, laugh and screams are infectious. I’m not going to lie. I cried on our last run down the mountain. It was really a beautiful weekend. Our lows may be really low, but our highs are even higher. Maggie and Marlowe brought us together for a memorable weekend.  It was anything but a typical experience, but only because it was so incredible.


4 thoughts on “An Incredible Adventure”

  1. It was such a pleasure to meet you, Jenny. I watched some of the videos and read your wonderful words. Your daughter is delightful! May God bless Maggie and each of you. I am praying for a cure and for strength and peace for you each day.

    1. Hi Mike, It was a pleasure to meet you too. I appreciate you taking the time to read and watch. We appreciate your support and prayers. Also, we agree with you Maggie is a delight.

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