If you don’t know, this past month there have been some amazing gestures of kindness and generosity towards us.

A few months ago, a mom from Washington DC, Sara, contacted me. Her mom, Marilyn had forwarded her an article I wrote about surviving a disaster with Magnolia. Sara and Marilyn felt compelled to do something. So for the month of February their store Soupergirl in Washington DC is raising awareness for Rett Syndrome and donating to RSRT. They have built a Rettgive campaign page and I couldn’t be more humbled. Thank you Sara, Marilyn and Soupergirl. If you live in the DC area, look them up and go say hi.

Sara recently wrote an article for Keller.com, talking about their story and why they felt compelled to help Maggie. Its a good read.You can find the story here,

Also check out their campaign….

And look how ridiculously cute Maggie looks in their Soupergirl hat

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