October is Rett Syndrome awareness month, but apparently so is February for Team Magnolia’s Hope. Wow, just wow! I am speechless with the amount of support, love, community, awareness¬†and fundraising we just received this past month. It almost seems as if it was planned, but it wasn’t. The good deeds and love just kept pouring in and I’m speechless. Actually, not really. I’m happy, I’m proud, I’m thankful, I’m grateful and I’m overwhelmed with hope.

Living life with Rett Syndrome isn’t an easy one. We are constantly balancing our chaotic daily lives with the dream of a cure. Our community of friends, family and strangers has stepped up, time and time again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So much happened in February, I’m going to try and recap each special event and moment.

First, we started off the month with the Soupergirl campaign. If you remember, this campaign was built by Sara and Marilyn the mother/ daughter duo who live in Washington DC and own a shop called Soupergirl. Check out their shop, click on the link….They wanted to bring awareness and raise money for Rett Syndrome because they have been touched by Maggie’s story. Again, we have never met them, but they just proved that you don’t have to know someone to stand up and fight for them. They personify the definition of, kindness of strangers. So blessed and grateful for their support and campaign. We will meet one day and there will be hugs and tears over a bowl of delicious soup, I’m sure of it. Thank you Sara and Marilyn from the bottom of our hearts.

Secondly, Maggie’s cousins in NYC put on their 2nd annual Gaga for a cure for Rett. They are ages 9-14 and took it upon themselves to bring awareness, fundraise and do everything they can for Maggie. Maggie has cousins, 2nd cousins, aunts and uncles pulling for her and doing everything they can to help us fundraise to a cure. I am so proud of these kids for their tenacity, empathy and love for their cousin Magnolia. Its pretty awesome to see kids become advocates.

Then, Reverse Rett Austin happened. I had some old friends from high school come out and support, it was wonderful to see them. Then…My family showed up in full force. It was amazing. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, second cousins, and so many more. It truly was awesome and heartwarming. I couldn’t be more proud of my family. They have been there when it mattered most, showed up to donate, fundraise, emotional support. I’m overwhelmed by the love and support. And my parents! They came out in full force and I’m so thankful for their generosity, support and love. Also, I’m wondering when we are going to Puerto Vallarta? Thank you everyone, I love all of you dearly. Oh, and Reverse Rett Austin raised over $140K!!!! What?! Such an amazing job by all of the Rett families involved. Everyone should be so proud. This event was spearheaded by Rachel and Jason Rothschild and I’m truly honored to know them and I am inspired by their tenacity to fundraise for the NYC event and now the Austin event. Neither would have happened if they didn’t do it. Its families like theirs which have put us in the position to cure Rett. Much love and thanks to you guys. Thank you!

Then, a dear friend of my sister’s, Linda Buffington, contacted me and wanted to fundraise for Rett. Linda is a teacher and I am passionate about the education initiative at GP2C. So we decided Girl Power 2 Cure was an awesome fit to raise awareness and fundraise for. Linda put together a Rodan and Fields party and asked people to donate to our fundraising page for the Disney Princess/Girl Power 2 Cure half marathon. This was such a gift, without her I wouldn’t have been able to raise what we did and we ¬†met our goal because of it as well. Truly grateful.

Then, the Olympics happened and AJ put together a video of Maggie and her buddy Marlowe skiing with Olympic Snowboarding Gold medalist,Jamie Anderson. It was such an amazing experience for her and really for all of us. It was pure luck that this day happened. Thank you Jamie Anderson for coming out and spending the time to snowboard with Magnolia and Marlowe. We will treasure this day. Hope to see you again. Also, check out More4Marlowe on Facebook and support Marlowe’s family on their journey with Rett Syndrome. Follow Jamie on insta @jamieanderson or Twitter @JamieAsnow

Finally, Team Magnolia met up with Girl Power 2 Cure to run the Disney Princess half marathon in Orlando, FL Team Magnolia consisted of Jenny(me), my niece Kaylen and her boyfriend Tyler. What an amazing weekend. We met our fundraising goal, thank you to everyone who donated and fundraised (hugs to Linda Buffington). I’ll recap this entire weekend in another blog. I’m just so proud and thankful for Kaylen and Tyler. We had a great time and it was just a wonderful experience seeing these two young adults, feeling empowered to change the world. Their life’s journey as adults is just beginning and honestly, they will do great things.

So much happened this month. Fundraising, awareness, exhaustion, Rett life, typical life, travel and I gave a speech. Life is crazy. Our life is crazy on steroids, but our family and friends keep showing up, showing up and showing up. Just so you know, I see you showing up across the country, we feel your love and Maggie knows it too. Thank you. We are grateful.

Also, Gray turned 2! In the midst of this chaotic month of travel. AJ had to single parent while I was gone twice, and Gray decided to stage dive out of his crib and not nap or sleep. #life #stayathomedad

Ending February like……


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