Our son Gray just turned 2 years old. He is energetic, talkative, smart, loves his sister and a blast. When Maggie turned 2 years old she was energetic, smart, loved her mommy and daddy, she was a blast and she was talking, some. Other than some delays, Rett hadn’t taken over. It was after her second birthday, she was about 28 months old, sensory issues took over, speech slowed and she would look off in a daze. Its been five years since then. Rett has completely taken over her body, she fights it everyday.

Gray just had his school pics and I found Maggie’s school pics at the same age. My first reaction was, how cute are these kiddos. Then I realized her world came crashing down, just a few months later. What a difference a few months makes. I know he will achieve a lot of milestones that Maggie missed or lost. I’ve been told by other parents, it is always a bag of mixed emotions.

My heart is happy, my heart is heavy, my heart is broken, my heart is mending. I’m doing my best.


Look at these two cuties….


9 thoughts on “A few months changed everything.”

  1. Love to all of you!! Beautiful children, brave Maggie, and unbelievable parents!! Can’t wait to meet you soon ❤️

  2. You are an amazing family. You always give so much love and support. If that was the cure, there would be no more illness. We love you.

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