Tomorrow’s the day.  Wish us luck.

I know we’ve both been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to meet with the Blue Bird doctors since we found out and I’m not quite sure they’ll be able to meet expectations.  We have our appointment with Dr. Motil -GI/nutritionist – tomorrow and then we have an appointment with Dr. Neul – pediatric neurologist – on Friday, the 10th.  I’ll update this blog with any details we feel comfortable sharing.

I’m glad we came early since she started showing signs of some new symptoms we hadn’t seen before – the waking up constantly at night with inconsolable crying and some mouthing as well.  We had given her melatonin since she was in a new place and our doctor recommended it.

I really believe Melatonin does not help.  It helps her get to sleep, but it does not help her stay asleep.  When she’s not on it she sleeps through the night no problem, but when she is she tends to wake up.  On this day, it so happens she also ate loads of gassy foods.  So, that was likely the culprit.  But, just in time to meet with a GI doctor, so we can ask an expert.

Luckily our hotel – Hotel ZaZa (beautiful, hip, and central, by the way), is three blocks from the Children’s museum.  And if you’ve never been to a Children’s Museum – Houston is the one to visit.  So entertainment was very close by.  Our little one had a great time, and today we got loads of giggles, which after two or three subpar days, was more of a relief than I’d probably care to admit.  So many horror stories about mood swings and inconsolable emotions, I’m fortunate to have a generally cheery little kid.  Just every time she has a down day or two, I get nervous.

Someone told me that you are as happy as your unhappiest child.  A google search tells me that person stole that quote from Brooke Burke.  But, I think it’s true in any case.

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