Everyday I try to focus on the positive. I thought I would share some of my positivity with you. Here’s 10 moments during this pandemic that have made me realize, life isn’t so bad.

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Top 10 Positive moments

  1. Nothing is better than validation. For years I have been prepping for the apocalypse. I have overspent on Amazon buying boxes of water and bunker food that expire every 5 years. For years AJ has worried about me. Yesterday, he thanked me for my preparedness because…ahem…I was right.
  2. I have been studying The Walking Dead for 10 years. So we own things like a life straw to sanitize water, dried rations for 3 weeks and multiple axes. I’ve used living in California and needing an earthquake bag as my crutch, but deep down I knew there would be a worldwide pandemic. Nothing is better than being right. Unless zombies start rising, then I’m not happy about it.
  3. I have wanted to buy a yacht as an escape from LA, AJ said I was being ridiculous. Who wishes he had a yacht now? That’s right. My husband. You know who secretly wishes I had managed to buy a yacht and store it in the marina without him knowing? That’s right. My husband. It feels amazing being right.
  4. AJ became a little unstable at the beginning, which made me so happy because I’m usually the one bordering on a breakdown. So now we own an RV. You know who’s wanted to get an RV since Walking Dead season 2? That’s right, me. You know who thought it was crazy? That’s right, my husband. But in a worldwide pandemic, you know who ran out and bought an RV? My husband. Okay fine, I went too.
  5. Magnolia and I both put on 10 lbs at the beginning of the year. I am truly proud of her and a little less proud of myself.
  6. I lost that 10 pounds the first month of quarantine. YAY! Quarantine! I’m pretty sure that 10 pounds wasn’t from stress but from my meticulous healthy eating and working out.
  7. Somehow I finally learned how to calm down in this quarantine. I think it’s our relationship’s strength and the ease in which I truly learn to adapt. Or Zoloft. But probably the former.
  8. We’ve been using social media as an escape. AJ has transferred all his joke telling from real life to twitter. And I’ve been using this time to escape his joke telling. Seriously, doggy instagram is adorable. Also, AJ would appreciate any likes on his jokes, because I sure as heck am not going to do it. Thank you Twitter for keeping our marriage alive.
  9. The kids love their dad more than me. This is a fact. Some moms might be upset, I’m thrilled. He gets very little breaks. I, on the other hand, can hide in our room and read articles from my 2016-2019 Oprah magazine subscription that I never had time for before. You know because before this pandemic things were still crazy around here.
  10. Our kids have a lot of energy, our puppy has a lot of energy. It’s like having 3 lunatics sprinting/skipping/falling over each other at all times. It’s too crazy here to dwell on the fact that we are in a pandemic. Ignorance is bliss.
  11. Our dog is very smart. She has outsmarted us. We were going to have her trained as a therapy dog, but pandemic and all is going to make that hard so she is probably just a family dog. We’ve been training her and its going “well”. She won’t come to AJ or myself but she will listen to our 4 year old. Basically, Gray has turned into her dog trainer and we are her bitches.
  12. Grayden will either be an astronaut, spiderman or a dog trainer. Maggie will be a writer and write about her crazy childhood. It’s going to be a best seller.
  13. I know people are stressed and we are too. Everyone feels weird. Humor heals but zoloft helps.. ( Remember to take care of your mental health)
  14. I wrote 13 moments, I lost track of time and counting during this pandemic. Stay safe and healthy.

One thought on “Positive moments”

  1. I totally love this. Also love being right. And love our RV.
    I am a knitter. I have been stowing away warm woolies for the zombie apocalypse. My family makes fun of me. Soon they will see I’m right!!!

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