It’s finally here. I can’t believe Magnolia is starting 2nd grade. She loves music, mostly #taylorswift and the #lumineers . She loves #adventuresports#familyadventures and watching #fancynancy she loves #harrypotter She will choose to try and #rockclimb over going #shopping . That is who she is. She wants to be a writer. For the first day of school, she wanted to get her hair cut, she wanted bangs.

Every year she grows, she learns and she pushes the boundaries. Every year we learn and grow with her. From the beginning of our journey we have posted our ups and downs. It’s not always easy to talk about. We have talked less about her education and mostly about her therapies. Figuring out the best way for her to get an education is stressful and emotionally exhausting. It’s worth it for these moments though. Mags is homeschooled but also goes to school, one day a week. She loves going to school. She loves being around other kids her age. Putting in the infinite amount of extra work to make sure she gets the right education is worth it. So today AJ took Mags to school, he wrote up a letter at 5 AM this morning 😳. The letter introduces Mags to the other students. It was a letter we always mean to write but tend to forget. I’m glad AJ did it. Truly, when other people understand and know what #rettsyndrome is, they tend to be more inclusive That’s the goal, for Mags to be included in everything.

We don’t know what each day will bring. Magnolia has taught us to get up everyday and fight for what we want for ourselves, for her, for our family. She wants an education, she is smart, she deserves to get it.

The letter AJ gave out to her class reads:

Hi! I’m Magnolia. My friends call me Maggie.

I’m in Second Grade.

I can’t really talk, but I understand everything you say.

I have Rett Syndrome so its hard for me to control my body.

Sometimes its even hard for me to breathe, but I’ll be okay.

I have a computer that helps me talk. It follows my eyes so I can choose things to say.

I’m pretty good at yes and no questions – I’ll look at you to answer “yes” and I’ll look away to answer “no”.

Shelly’s a friend of mine She can help you talk with me.

I like skateboarding, surfing and Wonder Woman.


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