Labor day has always signified the end of Summer for me.  Though Maggie started school two weeks ago, it’s still Summer to me until Labor day.  Looking back on it, I think we did a good job this summer – giving her typical experiences, allowing ourselves typical experiences, and having a truly great summer:

We got to see family in New York…


…met up with family in Newport Beach… IMG_0284


…and other family Santa Monica.  IMG_20150530_115855

We stayed out late to watch fireworks on July 4th…IMG_0195

…saw a mini horse…


And had picnics and barbecues almost every weekend


To celebrate the end of summer we had a pool party.  That’s a full pool!IMG_0436

And a full summer…eIMG_0436




7 thoughts on “The End of Summer”

  1. What a wonderful summer! Maggie looks great and I’m sure she really enjoyed being with her cousins and family members. Love to all.

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