I wanted to put a go pro on her and show what it’s like to be Maggie. This was supposed to be a follow up to the communication video from last week. It was supposed to show how engaged she needs people to be in order to communicate effectively with her. But the video showed something different than what we could have expected.

Maggie is essentially a perpetual motion machine. She spins and runs everywhere. Or she’ll lie down and rock. However you slice it, we’ve always thought she was in constant motion.  I thought this video would be dizzying.  Like Cloverfield without the destructive face eating spiders.  But, watching the footage, I realized she doesn’t run around constantly. She is deliberate.  She is thoughtful.  She communicates her wants if you pay close enough attention. Watching the footage from her eyes gives us a greater sense of what she’s thinking.

I stretch her feet, she falls backwards.  Maybe it hurts?

Each step down the stairs really does feel like falling.  Maybe it’s more frightening than she lets on?

When I leave her sight she freezes.  And until she sees me again, she seems anxious.  Now we know – we should be giving her more information about transitions – what’s happening next, what should she do in the meanwhile.  Maybe that will help her more than we would have thought?

I thought this was going to be dizzying.  And it was, but only in how it showed how much more we still have to learn about communicating with her.

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