I wrote another article for Rett Girl magazine and I hope you’ll give it a read.  It’s been hard to try to figure out Maggie’s own personal style, since both AJ and I have our own ideas about what style she likes.  But this year, I’m taking her back to school shopping, and she’s picking all her own clothes.   Plus, since I have so much style and AJ has so little, I want to make sure she’s getting her inspiration from the right places – namely, me.


If you can’t read it here, here’s the link http://anyflip.com/qojg/etrh/


2 thoughts on “My new piece on Maggie’s style”

  1. Just read your article about taking Maggie clothes shopping for back to school. So much of it resonated with me momma. Lily’s been in the same stuff too for the past 2 years. I did a summer purge this past summer as I couldn’t handle seeing her in the same sundresses and bathing suits for the 2nd or 3rd year in a row.

    And thanks to you, I’m taking my kid clothes shopping too! My plan is to bring a caregiver and go immediately when the stores open so the crowds will be less.

    Lily is also VERY into her hair. She has massive opinions about it – I think we’ll be doing bangs (again) for back to school as she talks about it on her Tobii every day! Oh, and she has to wear a bow in her hair (which is sooo not my style but so proud of her for experimenting with hers). Big hugs.

    1. Christine, its one of those things I never even thought to do with her. Honestly, its been all about survival these last couple of years. I know with you as well. Since, Mags has had such a struggle, I wanted to give her something that would make her feel good. I’m trying to think of other activities that I’ve forgotten as well. Let me know of you think of any. Hope Lily loves shopping.

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